Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Property Post

You may be tired of hearing about it but some people have either asked us to explain just how big 10 acres of land is. Living in the city or even the suburbs people just can't understand how much room that is or even how small it is compared to a true ranch. The image below is an example of our current neighborhood, our current lot, and how big the 10 acres is in comparison.

Click on the image to see it full size.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Ladies Are Laying

Well the ladies have finally started laying for us. Deb found the first egg out in the coop on Thursday and we've gotten four more since. We're still not sure if all four are laying yet but either two of them are or we have a bird that lays two a day. 

It was kind of weird at first because it was like, "we have fresh eggs now what?" but of course the answer is you eat them. I decided it was lunch time so I'd make myself an egg sandwich. They're definitely smaller so I had two but that's because we're used to buying jumbo eggs from the market. In reality one egg would probably be enough but we've go to get ourselves used to normal portions of food rather than standard American portions that are really too big and unhealthy anyway. 

Here's a few more photos of those first eggs as they cooked. The yolks were a deep yellow and they cooked and tasted like... well eggs. 

I'd like mine over medium please.
A little salt and pepper (yes I broke the yolks)

Some Bread and Mayo and we're all set. 

A little corny I know, but hey it's just one more step on our way to independence.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Surviving Off Off-Grid

I recently purchased the e-book Surviving Off Off-Grid written by Michael Bunker. I finished the book last night and I have to tell you he has opened my eyes about a lot of things from survival to religion to life in general.

This book is less of a how-to book and more of a why-to book. If you're looking for a book to tell you what to buy and how to get yourself off-grid then this is not the book for you. If you're looking for a book to explain what being off-grid truly means then you need to order this book. It does give some practical examples of how to do things but more importantly he explains why you should do it.

The Author is very clear about one thing and it's the honesty of it that made me think. He says he does not have all the answers nor has he even reached his final goals of self sufficiency but he is well on his way and debunks a lot of the major excuses as to why you can't go off-grid. How many here think they could live in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter) without air conditioning? 90% of those reading this will say no they can't but if that's the case explain how the human race survived thousands of years without it?

It's a short 270 page book and I don't want to give a lot of it away but I'll tell you this, If you call yourself a Christian then you must read this book.

BTW, if you use one of the two links on this post to go buy the book, I also get a commission on the sale and it helps us get to our goal of being off-grid.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Review

Great quality for the price

By Mike from Kalifornia on 3/1/2011


4out of 5

I was a bit apprehensive ordering a brand of cast iron that I had never heard of before but then I figured it's cast iron, what could go wrong.

I opened the box and found it packed very well and everything intact. Nothing broken or damaged and everything there.

The only negative I have to say (which cost them the 5th star) was the dinner bell. Granted that wasn't my main focus for buying the set but nevertheless it was a part of the product. The dinner bell is a simple bended rod like they all are but this one was painted black. I held it up by the provided rope and rang it only to cover my kitchen with flakes of black paint. My suggestion would be just forget the paint and dip it in a light oil before packaging.

Other than that it all works fine, is nice and heavy and I expect to have it around for a long time.


My Review

Can't go wrong with Lodge

By Mike from Kalifornia on 3/1/2011


5out of 5

Pretty simple, it's Lodge Cast Iron. Take care of it and your great grandkids will give it to their great grandkids.

Don't take care of it and your great grandkids will clean off the rust and give it to their great grandkids.


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