Monday, October 22, 2012

Test post

I hate being sick. Every year since I started working here I've gotten sick during haunt. I hoped I would avoid it being out mobile but nope.... Hopefully I got a jump on it though and it won't last as long.

Anyway the real reason for this post is to see how well it works using blogsy on the iPad and tethering to my metro pcs phone. If this shows up on the blog then it works ok. Right now I have to go clock in and head back in to dispatch.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Great Adventure

Well, another huge milestone accomplished. The truck is a 1989 Ford F-250 with the factory heavy duty springs. I put the trailer on it and even without the weight distribution hitch it sits level as you can see. I'll still run it with the WD setup just for stability, and am changing the receiver just because it's not a factory or aftermarket but a home designed one. Not a major deal other than the current one is welded on so it'll take a lot of cutting and grinding to get it off.

The trailer is the same Wilderness 32 ft that we've had for awhile. It needs
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