Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Great Adventure

Well, another huge milestone accomplished. The truck is a 1989 Ford F-250 with the factory heavy duty springs. I put the trailer on it and even without the weight distribution hitch it sits level as you can see. I'll still run it with the WD setup just for stability, and am changing the receiver just because it's not a factory or aftermarket but a home designed one. Not a major deal other than the current one is welded on so it'll take a lot of cutting and grinding to get it off.

The trailer is the same Wilderness 32 ft that we've had for awhile. It needs
tires as well but selling the rust bucket Oldsmobile has taken care of that. I also bought most of our solar setup over the last couple of weeks (I'll be posting that later) so the time is getting close.

I'm still determined to make this happen in 2012 but time is running short. We'll have to see how the next three or four weeks go. Still need to get the motorcycles out and clean them up to sell them. That will put us over the top I think and we'll be spending this Christmas (if not Thanksgiving) in Oklahoma.

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