Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh to get away..

It's interesting sometimes how your life evolves. I was born in Alabama, but spent the first 8 years of my life travelling around the world as an army brat. I went to Germany, Georgia, Vermont, and eventually moved out to Southern California. Through a series of events I eventually ended up playing keyboards then bass for a band about 50 miles from my house. About 5 years later I met my future wife and the rest as they say is history.

Anyone who knows us would at first wonder where this idea of living out in the country came from but then after thinking about it would realize we're just on the fringe enough that it makes sense. And yes, our 18 year old daughter has every intention of going with us.

So what are our goals?

Our immediate goal is to have enough cash by January 2012 to purchase land, buy a new truck to pull our trailer to that land, and enough cash to get started on building a small dwelling to live in.

Now I say dwelling because we still haven't decided on exactly what we want to live in. The options range from a micro-house, to a log cabin, to a yurt. I'm sure that will be decided over the next year.

Now what is the point of this blog? I hope to chronicle our progress towards our goals as well as talk about the things we learn from others that have done the same before us so I'll have my own reference to use when we get out there.

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