Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shaving Time and Saving Cash

Well, I just took another step towards getting away from what society considers "normal" and am setting myself up to save some serious cash.

In my lifetime of shaving I've gone from using cheap twin blade razors up to a Gillette mach something that has five blades and vibrates. To date I have found nothing that will keep me looking clean shaven later in the day. One answer of course is to not shave and have a beard. Unfortunately with my current employer, that is not an option. They will send you home or to the bathroom to shave if it looks bad.

Today however I picked up a few things to try something I read on the internet. (And we all know if it's on the internet it's a) true and b) a good idea right?) I bought a straight razor that holds half of a double edged blade along with a brush, some soap, and of course a styptic pencil for when I slice my throat open.

Funny thing is although it wasn't perfect, I can see with a little practice how this will be a great way to shave. At the time of this posting, the areas where I did a good job still look like I just shaved. I do have to say the styptic pencil was a good idea and yes, it stings a bit when you use it. I wasn't able to find the soap I want to use locally so will have to order it online. Overall though it looks like this will be a nice way to save some money and eventually I hope to buy a regular strait razor which will mean I don't even need to buy any blades.

The costs were 8.99 for the razor, 2.29 for 5 blades. That will give you 3~4 shaves per side per blade so overall it comes out to about .06 cents per shave. Of course, once I find the brand of blade that works the best for me I can buy them in bulk and save even more. You also shave the same way you would with a regular strait razor so if I decide to make that leap it'll be that much easier.

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