Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nothing holding us back.

I'm posting this with the blogger app for android from my phone. I figure since it's the only internet we'll have for a while once we get there I might as well get used to it. I can tether the phone to my laptop but unless I'm posting videos or a lot of pics this should suffice.
The main reason for this post is just to put some updates on here in case anyone is actually reading it. My last post was talking about my mother being in the hospital. They sent her home two days later and on May 22nd she lost the physical battle. In my mind it was the perfect way for it to happen with her husband and children around her as she took her last breath in her own bed. I will miss being able to talk to her but she will always give me the advice I need by simply remembering how she raised me and applying that to the situation.

With that said, she was one of the major things keeping us here, and now its time to get serious about getting to Oklahoma. We made the decision today to look at buying an inexpensive house within 15-20 miles of our property. That will allow us to get there sooner and be close enough we can work on things regularly and eventually have a home we can rent or re-sell. Now when I say inexpensive house I mean a 2-3 bedroom in the 1500 sq foot range that will cost anywhere from 15 to 35 thousand dollars. With 6000 down we could have a 15 year loan with payments in the 150 a month range. Yes that's house payment not rental. My biggest concern would be buying it from 1500 miles away if a deal comes up or do we just wait and head back there with the trailer and start looking after I find work?

I'll try and update a bit more often as things progress. Right now I'm just wasting time sitting in a guard shack bored out of my mind.

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