Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Rain Gods Are Against Us.

Can anyone explain this one to me? I am no longer employed so that we can get things ready for the move. I had one day and then it decides to rain and it's not supposed to stop for 4 days. Granted it's not a torrential downpour nor is it even constant, but it's enough to be annoying and keep me from doing much.

On the plus side it will give me more time to get the digital side of things ready. This blog and a couple other sites we had/have in mind may get some time.

It's too cold to give the dogs a bath which they both need and most everything inside is already done and ready to be loaded or packed once we get a little closer to leaving. Guess I'll be doing some laundry today.

I did order some air shocks for the
back of our Cherokee. It has the stock springs on it and doesn't even like four people in it much less a bunch of stuff and a trailer on the back. These will let me level things out so the lights don't blind oncoming drivers, and every little bump in the road doesn't bottom things out. Yes they were cheaper on Amazon and with the prime 2 day shipping, I'll have them just as soon as the local parts store would since they would also have to order them.

I did get my microphones sorted out yesterday and would like to start a podcast, but gathering the subject matter is the hard part. Since we're not really doing the homestead thing yet we can't share real life issues as to what we've learned works and what doesn't so for now I'll just get everything gathered together and prepared.

Guess I'll make me some lunch and get the washer going.. I need a good signoff line. Any suggestions?


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