Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Time is Drawing Nigh.

Well the time for us to leave and head to Oklahoma is getting very close. So close in fact that I am no longer employed but am spending my days sorting, packing, and preparing things for the journey. I would say we will be on the road in 4-6 weeks and be starting the year out fresh.

The trailer has new tires, the solar equipment is complete (still need to buy batteries when we get there), the truck is ready and
the trailers will be getting packed soon. Still have a few decisions to make like are we taking the chickens or leaving them for Deb's parents and getting new ones when we get settled.

I still need to get the two motorcycles sold. I know I'm going to take a beating on them because of the past due fees for the DMV but that's my own fault. At this point anything I get within reason will be a plus. I could probably get more for them if I took them with us but we simply don't have the space and selling them being so far out from town won't be as easy.

I wish we had room to bring the big trailer out here now but it will have to be parked on the street and for that long it'll just be in the way and make the neighbors mad since parking is such a pain here already.

This wil also mean I have more time to post here to the blog. Stil not daily, but every three or four days at least.

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