Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Years - Two Months - Eleven Days Later...

Two Years, and Two months ago I sat looking at my computer screen watching as someone tried to outbid me on eBay. The auction was for our dreams. Ten acres of wooded land where we could just get away and live our lives the way we wanted to. I was at work in the report writing room and not even supposed to be on he internet at the time, but there was no way I was waiting until I got home to find out what happened.

We won the auction and were now the proud owners of ten acres of land in Hughes County Oklahoma. Why Oklahoma you ask? I honestly didn't know. It wasn't a place we had even thought of going but our research on the land and the seller (who is carrying the short mortgage) led us to believe this was the place. We prayed about it and put in our bid.

A year later we went to physically check out the property we had bought. It was exactly (other than the ticks) what we were looking for. So much so that we bought two adjoining lots and now have 30 acres. 

It's been a series of ups and downs since then including my losing my job in November two months before we were going to leave and head out there. We've come up with idea after idea about how we can make it work and each one just puts it further off. The only thing that will change a dream into reality is action so....

In less than three weeks, on April 24th 2013 two of us are leaving to move to Oklahoma. Why only two? Deb will be staying here and continuing to work for two months while Ash and I get settled on the property and begin to look for work. She'll fly out on June 11th and we'll really be there.

This is obviously not the ideal situation, but we're all tired of waiting for that perfect moment and are doing whatever it takes to get there. Including a yard sale selling 80% of what we own just to cut down what we're hauling.

I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks including pictures of the packing. At this point we may look like the Beverly Hillbillies driving there, but we'll make it.



  1. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Mike. Welcome to Oklahoma! We're native-born Okies, about 125 miles southwest of ya'll, homesteading off-grid for 14 years. Please feet free to contact us if there's anything we can do to help you in your journey. BTW, as nice as Oklahoma people are, don't leave your property without having everything locked down.

    Judy and David, On Big Turtle Creek

    1. Thanks for the welcome. We already learned that the hard way by having 5 gallons of gas taken from in front of our trailer. We know who it was though and the RV park where we're at reimbursed us and took care of the offenders. Things have taken a minor twist, but we've decided to let the wind blow and take us wherever it wants until we land on the property.


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