Friday, May 24, 2013

Updates For The Masses

Well, it's about time I update the blog. I've bee updating the Facebook page using my phone, but now that the wifi is working at the RV park I can hopefully start getting things updated here as well. Still using Blogsy on the iPad to do it with for today as I sit at the laundromat. Since we're going to be staying at the RV park at least until we get the road completed, it is kind of hard to setup any kind of outdoor laundry and clothesline.

Ashley and I both have found work at Walmart and although we're driving a little further than I'd like we will still be able to take care of the few bills we have and still have some left over. Once we get past the "probationary" period we can request a transfer to a closer store and from what I've heard they are pretty helpful in those situations. We will average about 35 hours a week and they are working to make sure we both work the same days, if not the same shifts, so we can carpool. A 1996 Jeep Cherokee lifted with 31 inch tires is not exactly the best commuter car. It's kind of like driving a sheet of plywood into the wind.

Deb will be here in less than three weeks now and I can't wait to see her. We were finally able to video chat a couple of days ago and although it was great to see her, it almost made it harder. Every time she would talk the dogs would keep looking for her. Their reaction to her coming home will be one to record and post here. We have the day off at work so picking her up will be no problem.

I did have one issue here already though and it's not over. I had two five gallon cans of gas here that we were using as backup on the drive out and I was keeping full for emergencies, and to use for the chainsaw. A few days ago during the storms, I took one and put it in the jeep just in case and forgot to put the lock back on the second one. Two days later we came home from work and the second one was gone. The lady here are the rv park was more than upset and said she thought she may know who took it. However today as we were leaving to come over here I saw my missing gas can, which is pretty distinctive, in the back of a truck in front of us. The truck is from the mobile home side of the park. I will talk with the manager when I get back today but basically if the can is not returned with cash to refill it, I will have no problem getting the police involved. I'll update on the situation as it develops.

Well the washers are done, so I'll end this here. Until next time.....


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