Monday, July 29, 2013

One of these days...

One of these days, I'll be able to give this blog the attention it deserves. We are still staying at the Henryetta RV and Mobile Home Park but not for long. When we first decided to stay here, it made sense since it was only 15 miles from our property and we would have a place to come back to at night after working on the road in the heat and find work here in town. Well, the work issue didn't quite go as planned and work ended up being 55 miles away from us and 70 from our property. Add to that the heat and rain and the work on the road has been pretty much non-existent. Spending an extra 2 hours a day on the road along with the gas rising again is taking it's toll on us physically as well as the wear and tear on the Jeep. The only real issue at the RV park has been the water quality is pretty much unusable, but that's the entire town. I also think that the cell tower there is the cause of Deb's earaches. Add all this up and you come to the obvious conclusion that it's time to move.

In comes Evergreen RV Park in Bristow, OK. They are on Route 66 and are only 3 miles from where we work. Yes, that puts us further from our property but for what we will pay per month in comparison to what we will save on gas alone it's a no brainer. We'll also get back another 2 hours per day and save the wear and tear on the Jeep. The park is much nicer and has it's own well that, when I took a drink from the hose bib, tasted like bottled water. This park is nice enough that 99% of the people there stay full time and they are making some new spaces just to have more room for us and two others that want to move in. I just hope I don't have any issue with the truck pulling the trailer on the 50 mile drive over. It hasn't really moved except for the one trip to Okmulgee when Deb and Ash locked the keys in the Jeep (again...). The last time I pulled it we had a blowout that tore up the bed and exhaust, but it was also way overloaded and it was 1000 miles into a 1500 mile trip. We're leaving most of our stuff in storage for a while so it should be much easier.

I'll update again once we're moved as I have a couple of projects to get done including fixing a bad spot on the trailer roof, then installing the solar panels.

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