Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We're Homeless..

Yes, according to todays "society" we are homeless. We do have a piece of property but at the moment, it has no address, no utilities, no buildings, and not even a decent road into it. My address on my Driver License is an address I no longer live at and my new license will list only a Post Office Box which is 3.5 by 5 inches in size. I work at a job making just over minimum wage and am currently getting less than 30 hrs per week. Yet even below the poverty level, the government still takes their cut first. Washington says the economy is rebounding, but they've been saying that for a few years and it seems like we're in the same place we were when the almighty Obama said he'd lead us into the promised land. He says he's going to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour but all that will do is cause employers to drop the number of employees and raise the prices of their products so the "investors" still get their cut. But that's a post for a different blog.

Let me tell you just how "homeless" we really are. I'm sitting here in my chair with the A/C running, typing this post on  my laptop while Deb and Ash are watching TV and Deb is also surfing the web. We just had dinner cooked on our stove and in the oven. The refrigerator is packed (granted it's currently only 6 cubic feet, but that's about to change), and I can take a nice hot shower later if I want to. See, we have a home. It just happens to be 300 sq ft, on wheels, hooks to the back of a truck, and goes wherever we want. See, home is where we park it. We're realizing that while we are happy to have the property as a place we will eventually call home and build our dream house on, we are happy living the "full time RV'r" life as well. I've decided that all the solar equipment we bought for the house can be installed on the trailer and we can spend even less on "rent" as our electricity usage will be almost nothing from the park itself.

I'm going to start taking more photos of the trailer itself as we make some upgrades and changes (some we've done already without the photos) and a few repairs that are needed. One of these that will happen eventually is something I threw out at Deb kind of half joking, but she likes the idea so sometime soon our trailer (and truck) will go from this
to this

Or at least a spray version of it. Probably more like this...

Either way the truck will get the same treatment and we'll definitely not be the norm. 

Finally, to end this post, in 8 days we're moving about 50 miles north to Bristow and the Evergreen RV park on route 66. the reason for this move is Ash and I are currently working in Bristow and after three months, the drive is too much and losing two hours a day on the road is more than I want to give. 

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